I repair, mend, restore and wall-mount all kinds of
carpets, rugs, kelims and soumaks etc...

2015 Video and article in Stuff.co.nz

She has difficulty shaking hands but Anna Williams, 65, says she will be repairing rugs until the day she dies.
Williams manages roughly 30 hours work each week around rehabilitation therapy for a cancer-ravaged shoulder and upper arm.
"I've had to adapt because I can't lift things. I jam myself closer to my workbench, I have to sit on the ground, but I would do it in a wheelchair," she said.
Williams – one of many older people predicted to contribute $1.5 billion income tax in the next 15 years – turned to Oriental rug repair in the mid-'80s when she unexpectedly found herself raising her son alone.
"I had to find a way to support myself, but also be able to occasionally go on a school trip," she said.
"Being self-employed enabled me to be the kind of parent I wanted to be."
Twenty-three years later, Williams has studied rug repair in Iran and Turkey, and never knows what will come through her door next.
"You might get a rug the family has owned for years, or that dad or granddad brought back from the war," she said.
"It's not just the rug; it's the people that come with it."