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I repair, mend, restore and wall-mount all kinds of
carpets, rugs, kelims and soumaks etc...


1992 onwards... Professional Oriental Rug Repairer with regular visits to Turkey and Iran to study with rug restorers and purchase wools, cottons and silks.
1977 Certificate in Handloom Weaving, Nelson Polytechnic.
1970 BA in Anthropology, Victoria University of Wellington.

2023 This documentary about Anna is shown on the Whakaata Maori Television channel
2019 Anna’s documentary featured on International Air New Zealand flights
2018 TV Documentary completed about Anna, her rug repair work and Iran etc. It is called" The Kiwi the Knight and the Qashqai” . Film is by http://www.acproductions.co.nz/
2018 Sunday Star Times and Stuff Nov 25, by Phil Quinn, "Cameras Under Hijabs"
2018 Stuff Nov 25, "The thread tying a Kiwi and a nomadic Iranian tribe together"
2018 NZ Listener Nov 24, "The dying art of the Qashqai" (about documentary on Anna)
2018 NZ Listener Nov 17, "The Kiwi and the Qashqai" (Anna in Iran)
2018 RNZ Nine to Noon Oct 30, radio interview with Kathryn Ryan
2015 Stuff video and article, Anna's work as a self-employed carpet repairer
2014 RNZ Spectrum, radio interview with Jack Perkins
2013 Stuff article, "Iran welcomes lonely Kiwi rug repairer" (first published in the Dominion Post, in 2008)
2011 RNZ Nights, Feb 9, radio interview about the oriental rug world
2004 Between 1993 - 2004 various radio interviews, newspaper and magazine articles, including NZ House and Garden. (Most links to these earlier media items have long expired!)




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027 492 7031